Aromatherapy is a quick, effective and luxurious way to balance body, mind and mood. The wonderful thing is that all that is required is breathing – something we do approximately 23,000 times a day, naturally. The way it works is simple: aromatic molecules from the essential oils in Anjali’s Essential Blends travel through our nasal passages directly into the brain when we inhale. These molecules send specific signals to balance our internal systems, especially the nervous system. They may also jog our memory and evoke feelings. Anjali’s aromas are designed for all ages, with EVERYDAY WELLNESS in mind.

Here are our top 5 picks for the natural home pharmacy:

1. Clearing the mind and senses with CLARITY ESSENTIAL BLEND.

What a way to start the day! Clarity has been nicknamed “sunshine in a bottle.” Fresh and uplifting with tangy-sweet citrus-y notes, this aroma is sure to please. Formulated with Italian Bergamot, Pink Grapefruit and Red Mandarin, Clarity clears the foggy morning mind and immediately awakens the senses. Its finish is a high vibrational note – the treasured Neroli (Orange Blossom) which has an angelic, cheery quality. Many report feeling lighter and brighter, creating a positive tenor for the day.

(For those who are drawn to Room Mists, our Citrus Mist is a delicious, vibrant option, quite similar in aroma and therapeutic value).

A Happy Customer: “I love the Clarity Essential Blend. Citrus makes me feel good, especially bergamot, and this blend delivers a well-balanced but intense dose. I literally feel like it opens up my brain right through my nasal passages.”  J. Kenneth, Attorney and Artist

2. Creating a positive intention with PEACE ESSENTIAL BLEND.

Before leaving the house, in the middle of traffic, winding down after a long day, or any time there is a desire for ease and balance, Peace is the bottle to reach for. This proprietary formula is absolutely beautiful. It is created by blending two types of Lavender, known to soothe and calm, with some of the worlds most prized oils – Rose and Night Blooming Jasmine, along with the sacred essential oil from the Sandalwood tree. These ingredients synergistically merge and the effect is magic. Rose is known to have the highest vibration of any flower on Earth. Sandalwood has been used since ancient times to induce meditative states. And then theres Jasmine. Sultry, deep and luxurious, this flowers power is mesmerizing. Most people keep Peace inside their purse or pocket for a gentle reminder to stay calm, cool and collected throughout the day.

(For those drawn to Room Mists, our Lavender Fields is a lovely substitute or addition).

A Happy Customer: “Im sure its no coincidence that I live in NYC and love the Peace Essential Blend the best. Its probably my higher wisdom leading me to this heavenly aroma to bring me what I most need in this busiest of cities. I also use this blend for my space clearing clients. And it should be noted that Anjali Aromatics has spoiled me when it comes to any other essential oils. The quality is supreme and its obvious with one inhale!”  S. Platt, MBA, Business Owner, Author and Yoga Teacher

3. Staying on course with FOCUS ESSENTIAL BLEND.

Have a test to study for? Need to meet that deadline? Focus is an essential brain tonic to have on hand. It serves as an absolute pick-me-up for that afternoon slump, homework session, executive meeting or any other task that requires fastidious attention. Rosemary and Melissa, two essential oils known to boost attention, enhance memory and hone focus, are blended with Tulsi, the Queen of Ayurvedic herbs, Cardamom and Peppermint. Kids just love it and multi-tasking adults crave its enlivening effect.

A Happy Customer: “Focus has this great dual effect on me – it makes me more alert, but in a calm way. Its like a steady way of being in a heightened state of awake-ness. Its helpful when Im doing any kind of work. And my daughter uses it when studying for her exams, takes the aroma to school and inhales it during the exam, and swears that her memory is working better because of it! We are both happy with it. And definitely more focused! ” C. R. Chip, Musician and Mom

4. Breathing deeply throughout the day with BREATHE ESSENTIAL BLEND.

Inhaling this proprietary aroma is absolutely transporting. Silver Fir, Pinon Pine, Black Spruce and Juniper unite in this fresh, woodsy forest in a bottle. These strong and sturdy coniferous trees, an essential part of the Earths lungs, are well-known for supporting respiratory function and encouraging fuller, deeper breaths. Many dab a bit just under their nose before bed for self-care, and then inhale our Deep Sleep Essential Blend, as a night-time ritual.  Breathe can be used any time for clearing our energy and opening to breath, our life-force.

(For those who are drawn to Room Mists, our Fresh Forest is a lovely substitute or addition with a similar aroma and therapeutic value).

A Happy Customer: I was 'under the weather' with a cold that affected my sinuses and lungs. The Breathe Essential Blend seemed a natural choice under the circumstances. Not only did I experience a penetration deep in my sinuses and an opening in my lungs, but I felt a warmth and comfort in my heart center, no doubt connected to the prana of coniferous forest in this bottle as well as the precision and care that is instilled in each batch of Anjali product. A true gift with immense healing potential!" E. Demme, Reverend and Musician

5. Getting a restful night sleep with DEEP SLEEP ESSENTIAL BLEND.

Lull yourself to sleep with our relaxing, deep, earthy blend of Lavender, Jatamansi, Sandalwood and Rose. These essential oils have been selected for unique purposes. Lavender soothes the mind as Sandalwood evokes a meditative state. Jatamansi has proven to be quite effective in smoothing overtaxed, fried nerves and Rose adds a high vibration and element of divine beauty. These powerful essential oils are blended with great care to soothe and recalibrate the nervous system, promoting deep, nourishing rest and regeneration.

A Happy Customer: “I’ve been using Deep Sleep as part of my night-time regimen for several years, along with Magnesium, and it helps. Not only do I fall asleep, but I dont wake up during the night like I used to. Im actually waking up refreshed, with a new feeling - rested.” B. Arturo, MA, Interior Designer

Alana Greenberg