Aromatherapy and Ayurveda have flourished for centuries as natural methods for achieving optimal wellness. Rooted in ancient wisdom, they are quite relevant today, offering simple yet powerful tools for maintaining our health throughout the year. Ayurveda encourages us to listen to the world around us and refers to nature as a guide for keeping us in balance. According to the Great Sages, being in tune with the cycles of nature means being in tune with our selves. When we co-exist in harmony with the seasons, we have a better chance of living with physical vitality, mental peace and a felt sense of connection.

Ayurveda helps us understand ourselves in the context of our natural environment – and how we can move in and out of balance – through its unique assessment model. Simply put, three constitutional types, Vata, Pitta andKapha, have different physical expressions and mental personalities and announce themselves through symptoms.

  • Vata’s signature is dryness. It corresponds to Autumn and gets aggravated by wind, elevation, cool temperatures and lack of moisture. Think hiking in the high mountains of New Mexico in October. Breathtaking (literally), crisp and completely “Vata deranging.”
  • Pitta’s season is Summer. It is irritable and flares when exposed to heat and aggression. Someone with elevated Pitta would not fare well in the sun at high-noon in Florida, mid-July, sans sun hat, while training for the marathon.
  • Kapha, the dosha of Winter, is the coolest and most unctuous of the bunch. Kapha is slow and cold – like a long, snowy January – and can be heavy and lethargic. Kapha needs heat and stimulation to reduce stagnation. Training for that marathon in Florida would be good medicine for Kapha, yet Kapha would more likely be found quietly meditating without a coat under a maple tree in Vermont. In February. Not really registering the cold.

It’s great to know ourselves, to know what feeds our vitality, and what knocks us off our feet. Listening to our cravings, symptoms and preferences, and noticing our patterns, we become more attuned to how we respond to nature’s rhythms.

Anjali Aromatics combines these time-honored principles of Ayurveda with Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy’s incredibly efficient way of receiving nature’s benefits allows us to stay in tune with the natural world by inhaling nature herself. What’s more, it is so simple. We can change our body’s chemistry, our moods and mental capacity in an instant. All we have to do is breathe!

Tips for using our Essential Oil Blends Seasonally:

  • SPRING is the season of renewal. Nature is re-awakening from her slumber and beginning to blossom. There is a sense of freshness as Kapha melts and the frozen qualities of Winter begin to thaw into warmer and longer days. FOCUS ESSENTIAL BLEND, with its perky, fresh, enlivening notes, is helpful for shaking off Winter’s lethargy and invigorating the mind. For those who have seasonal allergies, BREATHE ESSENTIAL BLEND is a possible ally to open the lungs and enhance breathing capacity.

  • SUMMER is Pitta season in all its hot-headed glory. Our beautiful PEACE ESSENTIAL BLEND is relaxing to the mind and soothing to the nervous system. It engenders a calm, cool, collected demeanor. Perfect to stave off heat-induced aggravation.
  • AUTUMN rolls around and the winds begin to blow. Dry days and cooler nights set in and unnerve Vata. Our ROOTS ESSENTIAL BLEND, with deep, earthy, grounding tones encourages full embodiment. Our velvety HERBAL MASSAGE OIL is the perfect companion for muscles and joints that are popping and feeling tight from the dryness and cold.
  • WINTER get s a bad rap, yet it is the perfect time to strengthen immunity. BREATHE ESSENTIAL BLEND takes center stage again, this time as an immune tonic, as its immune compounds from nature’s hardiest trees rejuvenate our own healing capacity. And, of course, it combats Winter congestion. CLARITY ESSENTIAL BLEND shines brightly with its tangy-sweet citrus notes to uplift and bring cheer. It is the perfect antidote for the “Winter Blues.”

We formulate our proprietary blends with consciousness and care. From the eco-sustainable botanical ingredients to the last drop in the bottle, each small batch is hand-crafted with wellness in mind. Having an array of Anjali’s remedies on hand is an empowering way to maintain balance and feel great throughout the seasons.

Alana Greenberg