The word Anjali is endowed with many meanings. One of its meanings relates to cupping our hands together in order to receive nourishment. In ancient India, one Anjali – one set of hands cupped together - was considered the same size as one’s stomach, and the perfect amount for a wholesome meal. At Anjali Aromatics we use this traditional concept with a modern, aromatic twist. Our Essential Blends are potent nourishment from the plant world that we ingest through our sense of smell.

Placing one palm open, we pour a few drops of oil (or any amount that feels right at the time) onto the palm, then rub both palms together to create some heat and allow the volatile molecules to open and “breathe” – like a fine wine. After rubbing the palms together, we place them near the nose, take a few deep inhalations, and voila! a deep, therapeutic dose has just been ingested through FULL PALM INHALATION. Via this simple method, the aromatic molecules will move through the labyrinth of the olfactory system (our nose) and directly into the brain. 

Full Palm Inhalation also allows for a lesser-known way of receiving the healing benefits of essential oils: dermal absorption. Our skin is relatively permeable – particularly the skin on our palms. Because essential oil molecules are so minute, when they are rubbed into our palms they are able to pass through the outer layer of the skin (the epidermis) into the deeper layers and right into the bloodstream. 

When we rub our palms together, we create friction and heat. This warmth increases both blood flow to the surface and the skin’s ability to absorb the oil. Full Palm Inhalation essentially massages the healing intelligence of the plants right into our bloodstream. Knowing that the molecules from these sacred aromatic substances are transported directly into the brain and bloodstream is why using the highest quality essential oil products is vital. Just as we are what we eat, we are also what we inhale and place on our skin.

Alana Greenberg