AromaTone Therapy is a synthesis of healing philosophies and practices that I have developed through years of refining both my own awareness and my sensitivity to others. Drawing upon the wisdom traditions of Ayurveda, Aromatherapy and Classical Acupuncture, along with modern interpretations of healing through sound and the craniosacral system, AromaTone allows our somatic intelligence to meet and merge with the intrinsic intelligence of the plant kingdom and its resonant field.

The concepts may seem somewhat sophisticated yet the practice is quite simple. The body is anointed with specific Essential Oils at specific points. These points have been utilized in healing practices for centuries as they embody particular energetic signatures. To deepen the treatment, tuning forks are placed on various points - usually determined during the session through inner listening and intuitive dialogue with the receiver. This use of vibratory toning serves to enhance the healing experience.

The human body is brilliantly designed to maintain balance within its multiple systems, all the way down to the cells and further to its subatomic particles. It is a masterpiece of complexity and it usually knows what to do and how to self-correct without us getting in the way. AromaTone is a method of communicating with the intelligence inherently embedded within us. It serves as a natural reminder, not a cure. Its subtlety is its magic.

We cannot see electrical impulses in the nervous system as they light up and send messages at warp speed. Nor can we see plants communicating with each other and the environment. But we know these transmissions take place. We see the results and have faith in the process. AromaTone lives in this realm – of faith, intelligent communication and reverence for nature and her healing gnosis. It has emerged through experimentation, exploration and intuition, along with studious research and practice. Just like a sentient being, it is not static; it continues to morph and evolve. It is work that is alive just as plants are alive, musical vibrations are alive and our breath, prana and consciousness are alive, all with animated rhythm and flow.

Alana Greenberg