Ayurvedic Consultations

According to Ayurvedic thought, each human body has an inner ecology. Our eco-system within is a living, breathing dance of the Five Elements in nature - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. These Five Elements coalesce into three basic energies or forces, called doshas, and govern all psychobiological processes. The doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha - live in every cell and influence who we are. They impact what we do, what we think and feel, what we are attracted to and create the symptoms that arise when we are out of balance. Understanding the doshas offers a roadmap to the self. 

An Ayurvedic Consultation is all about you. The goal is to learn how Vata, Pitta and Kapha express themselves through you and what we can add or subtract from your life to keep them functioning optimally. During a Consultation I will review your health history, assess your present state of wellness (or imbalance) and discuss any challenges and healing goals. The aim is to put an attainable regimen together that utilizes readily available foods, herbs, spices and aromas, along with yogic tools, to help you feel your best and achieve greater ease, joy and vitality. 

The initial Consultation lasts approximately 2 hours. A follow-up session is recommended about 4 weeks later to check-in, review progress and tweak anything that needs adjusting.  


Custom Aroma Sessions

These sessions offer the unique opportunity to have a personal, organic healing perfume created just for you. We will spend about an hour together reviewing your doshas, current state of health and aromatic preferences. I will create 2 prototypes for you to sample. 

Personal Perfume price to be determined based on size and botanical ingredients.