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With my background in Psychotherapy, coupled with years of Ayurvedic Health Counseling, Trauma Counseling, Yoga teaching and working with people very closely who are both suffering with and healing from Lyme, I have been honored to work as a Lyme Literate Psychotherapist.

It's clear that Lyme disease is deeply debilitating to the body. It takes a heavy toll. However, Lyme's mental and emotional impacts - which are less recognized and attended to - can be just as severe and scary as the physical challenges. From feeling stressed, anxious and traumatized, to expressing "Lyme rage", experiencing brain fog/cognitive decline, amnesia, depression, memory loss, confusion, isolation, and/or suicidal thoughts, these typical and chronic Lyme-related experiences can have profound effects on one's ability to maintain relationships, work and simply live day to day. Even the act of breathing can become a chore.

Lyme is complex. What makes it so complicated to treat is that it impacts everyone differently. That's where the healing principles inherent in Ayurveda shine. Ayurveda is India's 5,000 year old system of natural healing. It honors each of us as individuals and recognizes that we have unique constitutions, reactions to the environment and health needs. Ayurveda teaches that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to healing; just as there are no two people that are identical, there are no symptoms or treatments that are exactly the same. 

There are three different body constitutions (named doshas) unique to the Ayurvedic assessment tradition called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These three psychophysiological forces help us understand our mental, physical and emotional patterns. When weaving Ayurveda into a counseling session, we get a fuller picture of your personal health on all levels. This blueprint offers clear insight and direction for providing proper recommendations for you to gradually attain optimal wellness.  

As a Lyme Literate Psychotherapist, it is my sincere hope to be a support on your path of healing and recovery. I offer encouragement, a safe place to express your feelings, compassionate counseling and a plan to help you re-establish balance during such a challenging time. Together we will formulate a personalized roadmap - with simple tools, gentle body/mind practices and dietary suggestions - to set you on your journey toward generating hope, feeling better and achieving your health goals. 

And for you caregivers, I am here for you, too. Holding space for and witnessing anyone going through such a challenging ordeal casts a long shadow and gives rise to its own quality of suffering. Supporters need support. It's incredibly helpful to pause, re-establish connection with yourself and replenish your inner reserves so you are not giving from an empty well. I "get this" quite viscerally, having lived with and cared for a "Lymie" for many years. It's empowering to know when you need to reach out for help and encouragement, and find relief. 


Scheduling a consultation is easy. Contact me directly by calling (800) 609 7309, email me at or enter your information on the contact page by clicking here.


I offer a deeply discounted rate for Lyme clients, their caregivers and family members. 

30 minute Skype Consultation - $45

60 minute Skype Consultation - $80

Recommended Essential Oil Blends:

Focus - A bright and perky brain tonic to clear mental fog. Learn more here.

Deep Sleep - A relaxing blend to calm the nervous system, relieve anxiety and soften traumatic effects of Lyme. Learn more here.

Clarity - An uplifting mood enhancer, called by many as "happiness in a bottle". Learn more here. 


"Once you key-in to the native depths of grace within you, what emerges is your capacity to be other-serving. From the recognition of your inner resource, exactly as you are, right now, unadorned, reaching out evolves into loving-service, and connection without claim." 

- Gil Hedley