Ambrosia Perfume

Ambrosia Perfume


Warning lovebirds... Ambrosia is known as an absolutely delectable aphrodisiac. Sensual, sultry and seductive, the rich musk of oud does the tango with jasmine's sweet, floral-fruity bouquet. Sandalwood adds its woodsy-velvety warmth and rhythm to the mix. Anoint yourself and let us know! (A delicate dab at the nape of the neck...) Ayurvedic action: Resonates with the Svadhisthana (2nd chakra/sex organs).

Organic and Wild-harvested Botanicals:

Night Blooming Jasmine and Oud from India and New Caledonian Sandalwood blended in organic Jojoba. Naturally preserved with Vitamin E. 

3 ml of liquid enchantment  

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