Chandra Solid Perfume

Chandra Solid Perfume


Chandra is a luxurious soul-soother with an absolutely gorgeous aroma. The sanctifying properties of silver combined with nature's treasured heartwoods and florals create a melange that is uniquely inspiring.

Did you know that silver's true value lies in its medicinal properties?

Silver is well-known for its purifying and anti-microbial powers. In ancient times it was considered the perfect material for storing wine and making an amulet capable of warding off any illness-bearing spirits.

Organic Botanicals and Metals:

.999 Pure Silver Leaf, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Bulgarian Rose Otto, Night Blooming Jasmine from India, Moroccan Neroli (Orange Blossom), Lavender from the South of France blended in organic Jojoba and Olive Oils and organic Beeswax.

2 ml of heaven's balm


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