Power Perfume

Power Perfume


Exotic. Mysterious. Evocative. Ceremonial. Power's aroma is redolent of an ancient spice route. A modern twist on an age-old Ayurvedic formula, it is meditative and erotic all at once. Spices mingle with floral notes, fruits, woods and resins and rest in a powdery Sandalwood base. Intoxicating! Ayurvedic action: Resonates with Manipura (3rd chakra/Solar Plexus) and Ajna (6th chakra/Third Eye).

Organic and Wild-harvested Botanicals:

Heena, Ambrette, Laurel Berry, Jatamansi and Saffron from India, New Caledonian Sandalwood and Neroli from France blended in organic Jojoba. Naturally preserved with Vitamin E.

3 ml of liquid benediction

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